Shahabuddin David Less ~ Links Page

Shahabuddin Seminar Support Web Site

Much of this site is open, not password protected. It contains videos and zoom work dealing with Death as an Ally for Living Seminars Shahabuddin gave this last year. 

Shahabuddin Monthly Sangatha Classes from Sarasota

Access to the Sangatha Classes is password protected. If you wish information about the process of accessing these Sangatha Classes E-mail Shams —

Sheik Ghassan Manasra’s 99 Name Zoom Class +AR Facilitating

The next series of the 99 Names & The Sufi Path Classes’ began Friday night, Oct 5. This class is an intro to 99 Names with the first full class coming Oct 12. This Friday nite time we hope, is Austrailian and New Zealander friendly, as it is Sat morning there.  Classes are recorded and available for later viewing.
Go to above Web Site Link for details.

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